2021 AMA District 17 Rule Book

Please note this is a supplemental rulebook, the  AMA rule book must be followed first.

This web version does not have the list of officers in it.

ALL items in red have been changed or added for the 2021 season.

updated 1-26-21



A.         To design and administer where necessary a numbering system for various categories of organized of motorcycle competition.

B.         To establish a points system for riders.

C.         To establish a participation and advancement system for riders.

D.         To assist the Association in the coordination and reporting of the calendars of sanctioned events.

E. To recognize participation and achievement through an appropriate awards or recognition program on the district level.

F. To support the Association's government relations efforts on the state level.



The AMA District 17 Club Council, Inc. (DSCC) is an organization composed of Member clubs and Promoters whose eligibility is set forth herein.  These By-Laws constitute the rules of conduct of the Council and define the duties and powers of the officers, describe the manner of election of the officers, and the time and place of meetings.  This Council is incorporated to generally conduct business relating to amateur events in District 17, insofar as such rulings and business are consistent with the current AMA rules.  The manner of amending the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are set forth herein.



  Section 1.  Membership is comprised of  three classes.  Member Clubs, Chartered Promoters and Associate Charter Members.  Member clubs must reside within District 17 boundaries.

Section 2.  Each Member Club may designate two (2) delegates to each General or Special meeting:  each of such delegates shall have one vote.  Chartered Promoters shall have a single vote only.  Whether or not a delegate is serving as an officer or Director of the Club Council, no member club shall be entitled to more than two (2) votes.  It is recommended that the club delegates be the President and the Referee.

Section 3.   Road clubs vote for Road issues.  Off-Road clubs vote for off-road issues.  "Both" (combined) clubs vote for all issues.

Section 4.    Any Member Club or Charter Promoter may have their District 17 Charter revoked by a vote of no less then 2/3 (for not following the DSCC rulebook) of delegates present and voting at a general of Special meeting of the D.S.C.C. All Members in good standing shall be notified in writing of the substance of said Member Club’s or Chartered Promoter’s removal. Such a notice shall be mailed not less then 15 days in advance of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

Section 5.  Associate Charter Membership would provide members with exposure in the District 17 Event Guide and the District 17 events schedule. Associate Charter Members would be required to be AMA Chartered and pay the annual charter fee to District 17. Associate Charter Members events would be non-points paying and Associate Charter Members would have no voting rights. Attendance to mandatory meetings for Associate Charter Members is optional.



Section 1:  General meetings will be held a minimum once a year at a time and location agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

Section 2:  Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors.  All members shall be notified no less than five (5) days prior to any such meeting.

Section 3:  In order to conduct business at any meeting of the DSCC 50% of the Members shall be represented by at least one delegate and/or a quorum of the Board of Directors must be present.

Section 4:  A Board of Directors meeting shall be held at least twice a year or whenever the President shall deem such meeting necessary.

Section 5:  A simple majority of the Board of Directors in attendance at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.



Section 1:  The elected officers of the DSCC shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  In addition, Eight (8) Event Directors shall be elected as follows:  Moto-X Director, Stadium MX Director,  Hillclimb Director, Trials Director, Enduro Director, Dirt Track and Ice Director, Road Events Director, Gran Prix Director, and Hare Scrambles Director.  The business of DSCC shall be managed by it's Board of Directors.

Section 2:  The term of office for Officers and Event Directors shall be one year, and each term shall begin on January 1 and will expire on December 31. Nominees shall be selected from member clubs/promoters in good standing.



Section 1:  The duties of the President shall be: 

A.  To conduct all general and special meetings of the membership and the Board. 

B.  To represent personally DSCC on all proper occasions and such business dealing and contracts as may be appropriate. 

C.  To appoint all committees and chairmen as the need arises. 

D.  To co-sign checks as permitted herein. 

E.  To assist the Directors in the discharge of their duties.

Section 2:  The duties of the Vice-President shall be:  To assist the President and to serve as President in the absence or incapacity of the President.

Section 3:  The duties of the Secretary shall be: 

A.  To keep the minutes of General, Special, and Board meeting in a book provided for that purpose. 

B.  To correspond with the membership, including mailing of all notices required to be sent to the members.


Section 4:  The duties of the Treasurer shall be: 

A.  To receive and disburse DSCC monies and to keep accurate records of all financial transactions. 

B.  To prepare and submit in writing monthly and annual financial reports at General meetings and a verbal report at special Board meetings. 

C.  To be responsible for the deposit of monies into an account in a bank approved

 by the Board.

 Section 5:  The duties of each of the Event Directors shall be:  To administer and supervise the events of the type falling within their jurisdiction. Awards are determined per discipline per class at discretion of directors with the approval of the board. (I.e. participation, points, awards)

Section 6:  The Board is to act as a nominating committee to present a slate of Officers for the upcoming year.  This slate is to be published with the agenda.


Section 1:  Removal from office: 

A.  Any officer may be removed from office, or any director from a directorship, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at a General Meeting, or at a Special Meeting called for the purpose of removing such person from office or directorship. 

B.  The general membership must be notified by mail of the time and place of said meeting at least fifteen(15) days prior thereto, with such notice identifying the office or director and stating the nature of the charge against him. 

C. Any officer or director may resign from his position at any time by giving notice of such intent, in writing, to the Board.  Resignation shall not relieve such office or director from the duty of performing any enforceable obligation of his position not completed.

Section 2:  Filling vacant offices: 

Vacancies in any other elective offices shall be filled by special election at the next General or Special meeting of the membership.  Event Director vacancies may be filled by appointment of the President, with the approval of the Board.  Only delegates of the member clubs/promoters in good standing shall be eligible for nominations.  Officers or Directors taking office as a result of the Article shall hold the office for the remainder of the term of the office vacated.





Section 1:  The yearly dues shall be $25.00 per year.  In order for Members to remain in good standing, dues shall be paid no later than January 31st of the current year. If the Member is not in good standing the Member shall not be eligible to vote or to have delegates considered for Office or Director positions.

Section 2:  Normal operating expenses consist of expenditures necessary for efficient and effective control of DSCC business.  Bills for normal operating expense may be paid without approval of the General Membership.


  Section 1.  These By-Laws may be amended only by a vote of no less than two- thirds (2/3) of the Member Delegates present and voting at General or Special Club Council meetings.  All Members in good standing must be notified in writing of the substance of the proposed changes to the By-Laws, and such notice shall be mailed not less than 15 days in advance of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.




Section 1.  DSCC supplementary rules may be amended only by a vote of a simple majority of the Member Delegates present and voting at General or Special meetings.


Section 2:  All material to be discussed at a General Meeting is to be submitted only by a member club/promoter officer to the DSCC Board of Directors for consideration.  Material which the Board recommends to be adopted shall be placed on the written agenda and communicated to the clubs.  Any material not so recommended by the Board can be brought before the delegates only by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the delegates present and voting.  Additional material may be submitted by the Board.





Section 1.  The AMA Rule Book shall be followed in its entirety, however this supplement shall govern those cases not provided for in the Rule Book.

Section 2.  The Directors of DSCC shall receive complimentary admission and rider entry to all DSCC club/promoter point paying events.

 Section 3.  Member Club/Promoters shall report the results and submit all correct paperwork and fees, of their events to the appropriate Director in a manner prescribed by such director with in seven (7) days of the date of the event. ALL reports will be electronically submitted and include the riders AMA number and need scoring information. Failure of a Member Club/Promoter to comply with these requirements may result in a 50.00 charge per event for incomplete, non-compliant reports. Any event, at which the AMA requires an Ambulance to be present, will not be awarded points if the required ambulance is not present at the event.


 No Person working or officiating at an AMA District 17 event  shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol, or other substance, during that event. AMA District 17 Logos, references or mailing labels may not be attached to, or included, in any advertising that includes information concerning non-District events or Organizations, without a specific license from the AMA District 17 Club Council.

Any New Club, or promoter, applying to the District to start a new track/facility, should have track or facility with the required zoning and "ready" for events before applying for points. No points events will be issued to new tracks unless facility is ready at time of pre-sanction meeting. Club Council Members who do not abide by Council rules will be subject to a penalty of "no points" at their next event or cancellation of their next sanction, at the discretion of the Board of Directors with the approval of the AMA. Such Club/Promoter will be given an opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors. Proper notification of date or location change MUST be submitted to the proper director a minimum of 4 days prior to the event.  (non-weather related) Failure to do so may result in the event being non point paying.


Section 4:  All competitors riding DSCC off-road events must possess or have  applied for a current DSCC rider card or possess a current rider card from  another recognized AMA district, if that District requires a Card. If you live in District 17 you must have a District 17 card to compete in all but Road Events. Out of district riders who do not have a valid district card from a recognized AMA district must buy a day pass, OR, have a valid District 17 card to compete.  Applications will be available at DSCC events.    If an applicant is under the age of 18, the minor release part of the application must be properly signed by the applicants parent or Legal guardian, and retained by DSCC. Also, if this is a first time application for a minor, a copy of the minors Birth Certificate must accompany the application.  

Renewal applications must be received by March 1st. of the following year in order to renew the same number. Renewal applications must be received by March 1st of the following year in order to renew the same number and receive a discount or buy a family membership.”  The club/promoter retains $5.00 of the registration fee if signed up at an event after Mar. 1st. 

Each registration card includes one (1) class plus $5.00 for each additional class or event in which the rider wants to receive award points. Fees for additional events after the initial issuance of the card or a replacement card will be $5.00.

Section 5:  Member clubs must apply for AMA sanctions through the DSCC at the Pre-Sanction meeting for preferred dates.  Applications must be received prior to or at the District 17 Sanction meeting to be a point paying event.  Rain dates must be approved by the AMA ,the  District  President and the District Event Director. A copy of the AMA Certification to Report Race Cancellation must be sent to the appropriate event director for D17 as well as a the AMA.

  Section 6:  Any Road Event rider without a District Card will be assessed a minimum of $1.00 additional entry fee.  This fee will be retained by the club. A 0.75 (75 cents) (With an overall cap of 250.00) FEE PER ENTRY PER EVENT (ROAD OR OFF-ROAD) WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE DISTRICT BY ALL CLUB/PROMOTERS.  The club/promoter will be responsible for forwarding this amount to the District with the referee report.  Other district cards are to be recognized.  If a rider is a resident of District 17, then they must have a District 17 Riders Card to be eligible for the discount.

Section 7: "District Championship Events"- Written proposals from clubs applying for District 17 Championship events are to be given to the Event Director with a copy to the District President prior to or at the Pre Sanction meeting.  The proposals are to include special awards, fee structures, and contingencies. The Event Director is to make a recommendation to the Board for final approval prior to the sanction meeting.  Championship Events will be double point paying events.  District 17 Championship events will be the only like events in the district paying points on that day(s).  Mid-Season Championships are not included.

In order for a promoter/club to host an AMA district 17 championship event, it must host 80% of its races ran as district 17 points paying events

District 17 Championship Events must follow event criteria established by the Board.  Proposals from Clubs/Promoters will be reviewed and approved by the Board and a report of the Event will be submitted to the Board by the Event Director at the next Board Meeting

  Section 8:  In Moto-X , Dirt Track and Hare Scrambles, including Mini and Age classes, all numbers will be assigned ,except the top ten in each class.  “A classes” ,30+A,B, 40+, 45+, and 50+ riders only,  receiving one of the top 10 class finishes, shall have their assigned number reserved for one (1) year.  This rider may then display and ride with the single digit number representing his class finish  for that year. Top ten numbers are not assigned in Hare Scrambles. If a temporary number is assigned on event day, all other numbers must be covered completely.

Riders must ride with their assigned numbers to receive District 17  points.

Riding  numbers, Number plate background  “colors” , and number  “colors” are recommended and regulated by the DSCC and NOT a rule that a rider can  protest on a  competitor.  Numbers must be block style with no overlapping or outlining and must be readable from 100 feet, at the referees discretion, a rider may not be scored.

  Section 10:  Hare Scrambles and Enduro advancement from “A” to “AA” to be done by District 17.

If a rider is AA in Hare Scrambles and Enduro then he or she must ride all like events as an AA rider. If a rider self-advances at one type of an event, then he or she becomes AA classified at all events. To drop out of the AA class, one must request in writing to District 17 (appropriate director) asking to be dropped down in class from the AA class.

  Section 11:  The point system governing the issuance of points shall run from December 1 thru November 30.  (except where stated otherwise)

  Section 12:  A.  Only "A" riders will be allowed to compete for cash prizes in Semi-Pro events.  B.  Professional Expert licensed riders will not be eligible for DSCC points or awards.  C.  Pro AM  or Pro Sport riders are eligible to compete in and receive awards in District 17 events.

Section 13:  No points will be paid unless the participant is registered with DSCC on the day of the event.  If the participant is registered with DSCC and ride in a class other than the one registered on the District card, points will be awarded if the member takes out a number in that class, but no more than two events will be so credited.  Points will be paid by finishing position in the class; i.e., 4th place finish get 4th place points.  Any points accumulated in any class shall be retained until the end of the year for awards recognition.  All points based on riders legally entered in a specific class. If they are disqualified or deemed not legal for the class, then points will be adjusted so that only legal participation is considered in totals. The score of a race can be adjusted after a race by the director with the permission of the referee of the day in order to adjust any clerical errors. (Points requirements are listed at the end of this rule book. )

Section 14:  The Event Director has the authority to recommend for suspension to the Club Council and the AMA any rider guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or riding.

Section 15:  Point accumulation for points awards are from the D-17 Point schedule unless otherwise noted in that disciplines rules. Bonus points events riders must attempt to race in order to receive bonus points.  Point award totals will be based on the highest points scored in the following number of events:

MX = Top 16 finishes.  bonus point races = +10 points

Stadium MX=Top 14 finishes with no more than 12 from any one track. (Bonus point races are 15 points, 2 per stadium track)

HS = Best 15 finishes, bonus point events are 10 bonus points. (20 point scale for classes less than 20 riders, 30 point scale for classes containing 20 or more entries)

Trials = Total minus 20%   Road /Ice = Best 18, bonus 10 points

Enduros=1-10 Scheduled events 1 throw out, 11-15 Scheduled events, 2 throw outs, 16 > Scheduled events 3 throw outs. ( AMA 30 point scale)

Dirt Track : Best 16 finishes / bonus 10 points  50% of the best of events must be raced to be considered eligible for points awards. Ex. Best of 16 finishes = 8 events must be raced to be eligible for awards

Hillclimb = 80% of total events held ….to a maximum of 20 events.

GP Events = the best of 80% of all scheduled events, with a minimum of 10 events will count towards the final points (20 point scale for classes less than 20 riders, 30 point scale for classes containing 20 or more entries)

Ties will be broken  by the most number of 1st., 2nd., 3rd., etc. finishes at events with five (5) or more riders, then by points accumulation at events with 1-4 riders. Hillclimb  Points are paid off of the AMA 30 point schedule.

  Section 16:  Definition:  An AMA sanctioned event is any event that is open to the public and an entry fee or admission fee is charged.  A Non Sanctioned event is any club event for members only where no entry or admission fee is charged and the event is not publicized outside the club.

******** DIRT TRACK AND SCRAMBLES ********


0-51 Jr. Stock Chain          4-8 yrs white black Youth Events

0-51 Jr. Stock Shaft          4-8 yrs white black Youth Events

52cc-65cc                   7-11 yrs white red Youth Events

75-125cc 4-stroke class 7-11 yrs black white Youth Events

OEM cylinder head, rocker box and rocker arms only- no aftermarket allowed

66cc-85cc         7-15 yrs black white Youth Events

86cc-160cc  Air cooled only     Single Cylinder  Four stroke    Amateur

Super School Boy 12yrs+  (79-125cc 2 stroke, 79-200cc four stroke)   red -white

201-250 white black

251-450 yellow black

450 B

250cc-Open  (14 yrs & over)       black     white

Vet 25+ white black with "V" in lower right corner

Senior 40+ white black with "S" in lower right corner

Super Senior 50+ white black with SS in lower right corner

Vintage (1984 & older) white black (rider must 14yrs old & over)

Regular class number plate may be used in Veteran and Senior classes

4-Wheel  450        white   black  Rider must be 16 years or older.

4-Wheel  Open         white   black  Rider must be 16 years or older.

Youth Quad Jr 6-11 yrs (0cc-65cc 2 stroke/ 0cc-90cc 4 stroke)

Youth Quad Sr 8-15 yrs (60cc-90cc 2 stroke/ 90cc-125cc 4stroke)

400 Quad - 0-200cc 2 stroke/ 0-400cc 4 stroke quad (13 yrs old and up)

Any type of tire may be used in Scrambles. No "knobbies" allowed in Dirt Track. A separate class will be run for Pro riders at amateur and Semi-Pro events.

Pro-AM numbers and colors may be used  with district approval.

Experts, GNC, and Pro riders are not allowed to ride Amateur classes if a Pro Class if offered.

Worker Points are to be awarded, one event per club, for a maximum of 3 events.

Quads will display numbers on top of rear fenders to aid in scoring.



******** ENDURO ********

“AA” Class

"A" Class 98-Open Senior 40+ Vet +30

 "B" Class 98-OpenSenior 40+ Vet +30

"C " Class 86-Open (16-29yrs)  Class 86-Open 30+    Super Senior 50+A      Super Senior 50+ B        Masters 60+

Includes Closed Course Enduro also.   Number drawing is to conform with AMA Rulebook using "Closed Draw". "A" riders returned to the "B" class can be advanced back to "A" at any time during the year after earning 50 points.  A club member that helps lay out and/or checks at the club event will receive first place points.  Clubs will have to approve members points.

Riders must remain on or within 25 feet of the marked course. When the course is double arrowed or ribboned the rider must stay within the double arrows and or ribboned course.

Loss of hand score card shall be 10 % penalty of the overall race. Loss of electronic scoring device shall be 10 % penalty towards each test the competitor completes without the electronic scoring device

• During a sprint enduro a rider must
complete the first test and or section before proceeding to other tests and or sections for the day. Unless otherwise noted/posted prior to the start of the event by the club.

   If the club promotes additional events, the working member will receive points equal to his average of events ridden. To figure average, riders will take total events for the season less events worked and divide into total  points scored.  A regular entry will be submitted to the Enduro Director, signed by the member and two club officers.  In the area for "points" will be written "worked" and "average points". Workers must be a Club Member 30 days prior to the Event to receive worker points. Points will be awarded according to the AMA 30 rider point schedule for all events and any number of riders. Worker points can be awarded for Class or Overall awards    Referee report is to include top 20 riders in "B" class by overall score (if more than 200 "B" entries the top 40 must be listed). 

"Clubs have option to add 35 points for multi day working or 30 points for event only working"

  All hard cards must have scores and finishing position written on them.  Referee Report and hard cards for "A" and "B" are to be sent to the Enduro Director. In National Enduros on District 17 schedule, District 17 riders points and placement be paid for their placement in their class of District 17 riders

REFEREE REPORT IS TO BE SENT TO Ben Bradford Enduro Director

Gran Prix Events  (GP)

D-17 Classes: 65cc, 85cc/super mini, A, B,12-29C,   122-Open, 30+A, 30+B, 30+C 40+ A, 40+B/c 50+A, 50+ B/c Women, and  Pre-Modern (up to 1995) 

Lap times should be a minimum of 5 minutes.  Race events can be either a 1 or  2 moto format. 

If using the "one moto" format, the moto must be at least 45 minutes long. When using the two moto format, race will be scored using the motocross scoring format.

Riders must maintain on or within 20 feet of the marked course. When both sides of the course are marked using double arrows, the rider must stay between the double arrows. On jumps on the course, all riders must go over jumps only if they are double arrowed and if they are a minimum of 20 foot wide.

Recommended Race Order:

1. 50+A/50+B-c/vintage2.  Supermini-85/65/Women,   3. 122-Open/40+A/40+B-c,      4.  12-29C/30+C,  5. A/B/30+A/30+B

Riders must ride in the Highest Class Across all disciplines.  (ie: mx B, HS C  rider must ride B)

  REFEREE REPORT IS TO BE SENT TO Nick Balzer Gran Prix  Director

******** HARE SCRAMBLES ********  

Please also refer to this page for class sizes, numbers, and number assignments. (click here)


50cc stock 4-6 years old     Youth Sanctioned Events Only Electric Included

50cc stock 7-8 years old Youth Sanctioned Events Only  Electric Included

51-65cc (** 4-stroke)  Beginner  7-11 years old ** see list online**

51-65cc (** 4-stroke)  7-11 years old Youth Sanctioned Events Only ** see list online**

66-85 (** 4-Stroke)   7-15 yrs. Youth Sanctioned Events Only ** see list online**  

79-150cc Super Mini (66-150cc 4-Stroke) 9-15 yrs less then 53 inch wheel base  Youth Sanctioned Events Only ** see list online**  

Women’s class 80cc-250cc   12 years and older

AA  85-Open B (no small wheels)    85-200 C (no small wheels)    98-Open A  201-Up C   Vet 30+ B  Vet 30+ C  Vet  30+ A Senior 40+ A  Senior 40+ B  Senior 40+ C  50+ A  50+ B/C  60+     Removed all ATV classes for points

Riders will be placed into the “AA” class by Hare Scrambles Director.

Riders must remain on or within 25 feet of the marked course.  When both sides of the course are marked the rider must stay between the double arrows. 

If a rider starts in the wrong row a penalty of 5 minutes will be added to last lap. No mini cycles in the (65cc/85cc) in the amateur (big bike classes).

Top Ten Numbers will NOT be assigned or  issued.

Hare Scramble follows the 20pt rule and for classes 20 rides and over follows the 30pt scale see chart last page.


******** HILLCLIMB ********


50cc 4-8 yrs  Youth Sanctioned Events Only

0cc-65cc 6-11 yrs (INC. 0cc - 90cc FOUR STROKE )  Youth Sanctioned Events Only

0-85   7-11 yrs   (INC. 76cc-125cc  FOUR STROKE )  Youth Sanctioned Events Only

0-85   12-15 yrs (INC.52cc-125cc  FOUR STROKE )   Youth Sanctioned Events Only


Super Mini

126-200cc 2 Stroke / includes 126cc - 250cc Four stroke






Sr. +40 

 Sr. +50

86-Open Women 12yrs + (mini cycle allowed) 

86-400 Stock Wheel Base

86cc-600cc Four Stroke Motorcycle

401-Open Stock Wheel Base

Any ties for points for year end awards shall be broken by the rider’s finishes at the State Championship Event. If neither rider competes at the State Championship Event the tie will be broken by the number of wins, seconds, etc. of the respective riders until the tie is broken.

Top 10 numbers may be used in the class earned.  One number plate affixed to front of the machine.  Ties are to be broken by one run ride off.

HC director will publish District 17 Championship qualifying requirements prior to the start of the season. Points paid on AMA 30 point schedule.



  ******* MOTOCROSS ********  

Please refer to this guide for bike size and age requirements.  (click here)


0-50 4-8 Stock Multi/auto white black   Stock Multi/Auto (class 3&4 AMA) refer to AMA rule book   Youth Events

0-50 Jr. Stock Auto white black Youth Events

0-50 Sr. Stock Auto white black Youth Events

59cc-65cc Jr    7-9 yrs white black Youth Events

59cc-65cc Sr   10-11 yrs white black Youth Events

79cc-85cc        9-11 yrs black white black Youth Events

79cc-85cc       12-15 yrs white black white Youth Events

79cc-150cc Super mini (12-16) black white Youth Events

80-125 12-16yrs Schoolboy white     black (NO A riders in ANY youth Classes)

122-250 14-16yrs    Schoolboy 2  black/white (no A riders in any youth Classes)

122-125cc black white

122-250cc A white black

122-250cc B or C black white

122-Open A white      black

122-Open B or C black      white

99-250cc Women white      black   *must be 12 years old and UP.

14-24 years   25+ A,   25+ B/C  30+A    30+B    40+ A,      40+ B/C,    50+ A,     50+ B/C      60+

4-Wheel 71cc-90cc 2 stroke  75cc-125cc 4-Stroke8-15yrs   (All 4-Wheel Class points are now combined Mx & SX)

Removed 90cc and 300cc classes  (All 4-Wheel Class points are now combined Mx & SX)

Open 4-wheel “A“  white black  Must Be 16 yrs (All 4-Wheel Class points are now combined Mx & SX)

Open 4-wheel “B or “C”   black    white   Must Be 16 yrs.  (All 4-Wheel Class points are now combined Mx & SX)

 Rear facing number plate required in 4 wheel classes

Vintage-   Any displacement,  8 model years  or older.  No "A" riders.

 Pro-AM numbers and colors can be used with District approval.  Numbers must be block style with no overlapping or outlining and must be readable from 100 feet, at the referees discretion, a rider may not be scored.

Numbers must be block style with no overlapping or outlining and must be readable from 100 feet.

 Helmet and jersey numbers are recommended and all number must be the same.

125 class, (A, B, C riders will race together.)

Points earned in any AMA sanctioned event count towards advancement.

AMA District 17 State Championship Motocross Championship Event will earn (20) bonus points and also will be a Double point paying event.

Mid Season Championship will earn and additional (15) bonus points

Bonus Point events will earn an additional (10) bonus points

MX point paying events shall start on February 1st. and end the third weekend of November..

Regional qualifiers are non point paying events. Area Qualifiers can be point paying events if promoter desires.

  *******STADIUM  MX*******

 0-50 4-8 Stock Inj. Auto Stock Multi/Auto (class 3&4 AMA) refer to AMA rule book.

  0-50cc Jr stock  Auto

 0-50cc Sr stock Auto   

 51cc-65cc Jr (7-9)       

 51-65 Sr( 10-11),  

79cc-85cc Jr (9-11)  

79cc-85cc Sr (12-15)

79cc-150 Super mini (12-16),     

125cc     250A     250B  250C

Open A  Open B  Open C  14*24,   25+ A, 25+ B/C  30+ A,   30+ B/C, 40+ A, 40+ B/C   50+

 4-Wheel Open  A, 4-Wheel Open  B, 4-Wheel Open  C,   (All 4-Wheel Class points are now combined Mx & SX)

Women  99cc-250cc (12yrs old and up)  

125 class, (A, B, C riders will race together.)

Bonus points races for Stadium are 15 points, each stadium track has 2 dates per season.

Stadium MX to follow all MX rules.  Also refer to AMA supplemental rules for Stadium MX.



******** ICE RACE ********


0-85  7-15 yrs. Youth Sanctioned Event Only

86-200 100-350 4-wheel non-studded

201-250 100-350 4-wheel studded




******** TRIALS ********

Trials Supplemental Rules click here

Classes (9)
Champ 0-125cc Youth
Expert Women
Advanced Senior
Intermediate Vintage (dual shock only)

Youth class must be 12 yrs as of Jan. 1st current year.

Senior Class must be 50 yrs as of day of event.



******** ROAD EVENTS ********

Road Activity Awards and Rules & Club Activity Award

This award is to encourage club activity at AMA District 17 events.  The Club Activity Award is awarded to the club that has accumulated the greatest number of points starting at the first District 17 road event and ending at the last District 17 road event.  All points will be based upon information included on the referee report.                                           (cont)

Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:

10 points for each new District 17 membership signed up.  (No renewals.)

5 points for each new AMA membership signed up.  (No renewals.)

5 points for each club member signed up and completing the District 17 event.

  Individual Activity Awards for Male and Female

This award is to encourage individual activity at District 17 events.  The Individual Activity Awards will be awarded to the individuals that have accumulated the greatest number of points from the first District 17 road event and ending at the last District 17 road event.  All points will be based upon information included in the referee report.

Bonus Points will be Awarded as Follows

30 points for District 17 Poker Runs

40 points for District 17 Rally/Tour

45 points for District 17 Timed Road Run

15 points for AMA Regional Convention/Vintage Days

20 points for AMA National Road Events

10 points for AMA District Rally/Tours

50 points for finishing Club Mileage or Individual Mileage contest.

  Points will be awarded for only one (1) AMA sanctioned multi day event per weekend.

If you do not complete the event you will not be included in the District 17 referee report.  You must send the Road Director the hard copy, with an explanation of why you were not included in the referee report.  This must be received by the Road Director within two (2) weeks after the event to receive bonus points.  Also sent the hard copy for all out of district  events to the Road Director within two (2) weeks of the event.

  Overall Championship Activity Award for Male and Female

This award will be based upon the total points of AMA and District 17 events.

Individual Mileage for Male and Female

  Club Team Mileage

  Clubs may enter only one team of up to six (6) members and will sign in at the first District 17 road event and the contest will end at the last District 17 road event.  All riders must be District 17 members.  The mileage team riders may also enter the individual mileage contest.





Place 3 or less riders Points 4 - 20 riders Points over 20 riders in class Points Place (over 20 riders) Points
1st 10 20 30 15th 6
2nd 7 16 25 16th 5
3rd 4 13 21 17th 4
4th   11 18 18th 3
5th   10 16 19th 2
6th   9 15 20th 1
7th   8 14    
8th   7 13    
9th   6 12    
10th   5 11    
11th   4 10    
12th   3 9    
13th   2 8    
14th   1 7    


Four riders make a class.  Points will be paid for 1 thru 3 riders if they are allowed to run.  The promoting club has the option to:

1.   Run the 1 thru 3 riders as a group and score them separately.

2.  Combine them with another class (per AMA rule book).  List the riders in the proper rotation under their regular class on the referee report.

Check each “type” of racing for correct points table some may vary.