AMA District 17 Championship Series

We have added a new process to make it easier to sign up for AMA District 17 Membership. Please read below how it will work.  It's simple and you have choices. Click the button below you wish to use. thank you.

The paper application is the current or "old way" to sign up, fill it out on an editable .pdf formatted form, print it out and sign it, then snail mail it in. It is the ONLY way for families to get the Family discount. Little Slower, Little Cheaper but it works fine.

Paper Application

The NEW way is "online" D17 application is just that. You can with any mobile device sign up. No snail mail, just a pay pal set up which is a little more but is quick, easy, and gets the job done. (you don't need a pay pal account for this)

  Online D17 Application